Tyre Protector Distributors


Alfinn Hawn Europe & ECOWAS 0047 91678334  
R. Mithun Chakaravarthy India 9952018832/8190002277  
Mário Simões Portugal +351 964 988 808 www.tyreprotector-portugal.com/
Vincent Calcasola Lione Spain 00 34 685 515 398 www.tyreprotector.es
Azeb Mohammed Yonis UAE +97142326979 www.tyreprotectoruae.com
Len Prince Canada +1-514-233-8120 tireprotector.net/
Safetely PTY Ltd. South Africa +2711 616 5055 deon@mtrack.co.za

Business Opportunities

Tyre Protector Business Opportunities

If you are a dynamic, self motivated and enthusiastic business professional looking for an opportunity to develop a unique and exciting product in your country, Tyre Protector is the product.

How Many Tyres are there in Your Country?

I beleive that successful business development is often attributable to 'who you know and not necessarily what you know'!!! If you have the connections to develop Tyre Protector and feel that you would be an asset to our rapidly expanding and exciting business I would like to hear from you.

Opportunities Available

Opportunities are available for Exclusive Distributors.

Applications should be addressed directly sales@tyreprotector.com