What is Tyre Protector? And how does it seal punctures?

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Product Questions & Answers

A glycol based, water soluble tyre sealant that when professionally installed will permanently protect tyres against punctures and air loss. Additional benefits include extending the life of tyres and improving fuel efficiency.

Tyre Protector forms a thin protective coating between the tyre and the air within the tyre. When a puncturing object penetrates the tyre, air pressure forces the sealant into the wound repairing the damage instantly and permanently.

A tyres biggest enemy is excess heat. Excess heat is caused by under inflation. Under inflation is the cause of 98% of blow outs. It can be caused by slow punctures or poor maintenance but tyre protector will prevent under inflation.

When a tyre is running at its correct pressure it creates less rolling resistance. To prove this quite easily to yourself try pushing a wheelbarrow with an under inflated tyre.

Providing it is kept in an air tight container, indefinite. In a tyre, the legal life of the tyre.

Tyre Protector contains corrosion and rust inhibitors and will not damage the rim or steel belt within the tyre.

Yes providing the correct procedure is followed. However, we cannot guarantee the installation because we do not know the condition of the tube.

As Tyre protector is chemically inert and water soluble it does not affect the components of the tyre and will not affect the manufacturers warranty.


Tyre Protector is used extensively in Scandinavia and Australia where temperatures reach plus and minus 45 degrees.

No. The repair is designed to be flexible to allow it to flex with the tyre.

Tyre Protector is Glycol based and will not congeal or break down like many other sealants. Although there are alternative glycol products available they have not been effective in the extreme conditions that Tyre Protector endures daily. When professionally installed, it will not affect the balance of the Tyre. Tyre Protector is fully guaranteed.

Tyre Protector technicians have undergone extensive training and will only carry out installations on vehicles that have been professionally inspected. Treated tyres are fully guaranteed for the remaining legal life of the tyre and your local technician will only be a telephone call away should they be required.

Any pneumatic tyre.

Yes. Tyre Protector is fully biodegradable and non toxic. Furthermore, because it extends the life of tyres it reduces the amount of tyres going for scrap. A major environmental issue.

No. A stinger is made up with hundreds of hollow plastic spikes. When a tyre drives over them the spikes brake off inside the tyre to provide a controlled deflation.

General Questions & Answers

During the manufacturing of the tread area (it is a different process to the manufacture of sidewalls) there are thousands of microscopic holes in the rubber. These holes are known as porosity leaks and they are present in all tyres. Tyre Protector seals porosity leaks.

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