Bicycle tube Sealant

Suitable for bicycles and motorcycles

Suitable for puncture wounds of up to 12 mm diameter


  • Fixes puncture wounds up to 3mm

  • Minimal weight added

  • Puncture free adventures await

  • Available in 125, 250, 500 & 1000ml bottles

  • Can be used in tubed tyres

  • Remove Valve Core
  • Insert Gumi Seal into the Tube
  • Re-insert Valve Core
  • Inflate
  • RIDE!

As the tyre rotates, centrifugal force evenly spreads Tyre Protector over the entirety of the internal tread area, coating the area with a minimum 2mm coating of sealant. The coating repairs leaks immediately a penetration occurs as thousands of strong interlocking fibres react instantly sealing around the puncturing object thus preventing loss of air.

Tyre Protector is non-hazardous, non-toxic and fully biodegradale. The product is fully water soluble and may be washed away with water.

Tyre Protector will not affect manufacturers or extended warranties on tyres or wheels.

Tyre Protector lasts for the life of the tyre and the solution remains in its gel like state for the life of the tyre, continually offering protection against punctures.